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Mindful Warriors

Clear mind

Kind heart

Empowered voice

Who taught you how to feel?

Who taught you how to follow your dreams?

Who taught you to express yourself without fear of judgement?

Who taught you how to navigate stress and self-doubt?


My guess, probably no one. Imagine how your life would be different if someone gave you those tools early on in life. Where would you be today? How would your life be different?

Kids with Capes

Mindful Warriors is more than a yoga class. Each week will focus on a different skill to develop your child’s ability to thrive; emotional regulation, social skills, confidence, internal rhythm, expressing self and play. These areas are not often taught at kindergarten or school. They are essential skills for children to harness in order to embrace who they are and feel empowered to follow their dreams.

Program Structure: 

  • Week 1: Mindfulness

  • Week 2: Emotional Regulation

  • Week 3: Breathwork

  • Week 4: Sound & Rhythm

  • Week 5: Confidence

  • Week 6: Balance  

  • Week 7: Yoga Play

Meet Jess

The mind and heart behind this program.

Jess is an Occupational Therapist whom specialises in Paediatrics and Mental Health. A big passion of Jess’ is teaching future generations how to live, breathe, feel and adapt in a world that can seem very chaotic at times. She has seen first-hand the continuous rise in anxiety and depression in children.

In a world where we have more opportunities for connection than ever before, our youth are lonely, isolated, confused, unsure of where they fit in the world and suffering in silence. That is why she has created a program that is more than a sequence of yoga poses.


It is creating connection and giving your warriors practical tools to:

  • confidently express themselves

  • create space to choose to interact as opposed to react to the external world

  • honour how they are feeling

  • make sense of their emotions and how to safely release them

  • return to an inner state of balance and calm and;

  • most importantly to have fun and play


Together, let’s teach our children to have a clear mind, kind heart and empowered voices.


Dates: July 21st- Sept 1st (7 consecutive weeks)


Age Groups:

  • Pre-School (3-5 year olds): 11-11:45am

  • Prep-Grade 6 (5-11 year olds): 4-4:45pm

Cost: $140 per program (Receive $10 discount when you sign up before July 16th only $130)

Location: Oshun Yoga- 20 Gellibrand Cres Reservoir VIC 3072


Registration and full payment is required prior to term commencement. Refunds are not provided if a class is missed. Minimum class numbers are required in order for the program to go ahead. If the program is cancelled a full refund will be provided.


Secure your spot today as classes are limited, only 6 children per class. Don’t hesitate to contact Kira (director at Oshun Yoga) or Jess if you have any questions.

Follow the link below to Oshun Yoga website to sign up! 



***If finances are a barrier to enrolling your child please reach out so we can discuss alternative options. We do not want your children to miss out on this opportunity.

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