The Journey

A container that calls you to take action. To no longer be a bystander in your own life.

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Hello You!

Re-connect and Re-discover your soul

You have arrived here because; 

  • There's something missing in your life but you're not quite sure what it is

  • You know what makes your heart sing but don't have time for it 

  • You feel a pull to live more in alignment with your values but don't know how

  • You're sick and tired of watching others lives their dreams

You have come to the right place my friend.

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This Container

Through this 6 month container you will transform to live a life that is authentic and 


The mentorship will be broken down into 3 parts to truly hone in on and take the time to transform. 

You will be guided to Awaken your soul, Shift your energy and Align with your values and truth.

For those wanting to connect to their own intuitive power. 

For those wanting to lead their own 

For those who want to beat to their own drum 


In this meditation program there are three phases. Each builds upon the other for you to continue upleveling your life. Focus and streamline

Phase 1: Awaken

Discover or re-discover the spark from within. Shift through all the crap and find what lights you up. 

Awaken from within. 

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Phase 2: Shift

Shift your perspective from dreaming to living the dream.

I'm ready

Phase 3: Align

4 x fortnightly

Integrate and take action to align

Yes please!